Peace Kitchens

Great food from regions in conflict with dedicated people in search for reconciliation.

Interesting people with a tendency towards stubbornness. Outrageously good food. And cultures fighting for their future. The series Peace Kitchens tells cultural stories from parts of the world that are marked by conflicts. Cooking and a typical regional meal is the starting point of each story. Shedding a light on the daily life and the history behind the regional conflict in a caring-ironic way. With heroes of everydays life, who contribute to their society in an unconventional way. The protagonists’ biographies are the bases for a historic and cultural review of the regional conflicts and the regional kitchen with its landscapes and typical ingredients. Defying all conflicts and crises: “Peace Kitchens” tells optimistic stories with rich images about people who don’t let anything get them down.


Format: TV-Documentary
Details: 5 x 30/45 min
Status: In pre production
Year: 2020/21
Country of production: Austria
Original language: German

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