Publishing & Editorial Services

BSX develops, designs, creates and produces puplications and online-content with a focus on art, architecture, urban development, regional development, social design, digitalization & democracy and contemporary history.

We publish our own publications as well as on behalf of third parties magazines, books, program and exhibition catalogues, scientific publications as well as educational and cultural mediation materials and take care of the online content of project and program homepages and social media channels with our editorial team.

In our editorial and journalistic work we want to intensify approaches of a “Constructive Journalism”, which not only helps to understand problems and challenges of our time, but where possible, at the same time seeks solutions to these challenges.


Corporate Publishing, International Distribution. The bilingual CREATIVE AUSTRIA PRINTMAGAZINE reaches precisely international cultural multipliers. Distribution: The CREATIVE AUSTRIA PRINTMAGAZINE is distributed to all Austrian Cultural Fora...
Conception, Editorial Management, Design and Production of a trade magazine for the development of regional towns on behalf of the city Bruck an der...
Masterplan Innenstadt Weißbuch Innenstadt Download: Weissbuch.pdf
CREATIVE AUSTRIANS – the new working programme of the Foreign Ministry‘s Department. How is Austria reflected in the great challenges of the time? How does art...
Corporate Publishing, Producing, Distribution
Corporate Publishing
Corporate Publishing - Development, Editorial, Production
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